PPO on Samsų
Samsų, the official Danish 100% Renewable Energy Island, is situated in the Baltic Sea just in the heart of Denmark. In 1997 Samsų won a competition arranged by The Danish Energy Agency, with the following critrias

Allready before the 10 years had passed, Samsų reached 100% Renewable Energy supply, but only by compensating the fossil fuel consumption, specially  in the transport sector, by surplus power production from the off-shore wind farm. Therefore Samsų decided to start implementation of local produced PPO in the transport sector, and if nesesary, exchange surplus wind power with PPO from the main land. In 2004 Folkecenter supplied the first oil expeller for demonstration, paid by savings from the wind power production on Samsų. Later on, local farmers has invested in the own PPO production equipment and conversion of vehicles. DAJOLKA has supplied the conversion technology and the training of the local mechanics.

See Power Point Presentation from DAJOLKA about Samsų“s 100% RE project.

See reportage from March 8,2007, by CBS News
Danish Island Is Energy Self-Sufficient

Read more about Samsų 100% RE project here:


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